Monday, July 9, 2007

Phutanyachi Chutney (Dalia Split Chutney)

As promised, I am back with my next recipe which is in continuation of my last one --- 'Paalakachi Mudda Bhaaji'. So today, I am going to share my family's recipe for 'Phutanyachi Chutney'. This is a dry chutney and is an excellent companion for poli (chapati), bhakri (jowar roti) or bread. My mom always made various dry chutneys at home and these would add a lot of spark to our regular humdrum meal (or so I thought ;)) Phutanyachi chutney can be eaten mixed with some yogurt or oil. It can also be eaten just like that on the side or can also be spread on a toasted and buttered slice of bread...Yum!

Ingredients: (the quantities of ingredients are just for an estimate)
Dala (Dalia Split) 1cup
Kislele Suke Khobre (grated dry coconut) 1/2 cup
Cayenne pepper 2-3 tsp or to taste
Hinga powder 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste

Warm up the grated dry coconut in a pan. Then, put all the ingredients along with the warmed up dry coconut in a mixer and make a powder. Check for seasoning and adjust accordingly. It should be a little spicy. To check if the chutney is done, hold it between your fingers; if the chutney sticks together, its done, if not then you need to add a little more grated coconut to it.
Transfer it into a jar and enjoy is a closer look at this delicious Phutanyachi chutney.


Richa said...

hey, this will taste so good on bread as u mentioned. i've the dessicated dry coconut powder, can i use that?

Tee said...

Richa, you can use the dessicated dry coconut but the unsweetened one. If you are using powder, you might want to first grind the Dalia a little separately and then run everything together again. let me know how it works out...

Suganya said...

Sounds so easy.. Lemme try this one.

Sharmi said...

your palate looks so yummy. I love this chutney with idly. learnt a new way.

Swapna said...

my mom used to make this chutney.Tastes really great.

Asha said...

We call it Hurigadale chutney powder and I love it,very tasty with dosas and chapatis with little ghee.Thanks for your's:)